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How to get rid of water bugs

Water bug, cockroach, smokey brown cockroach     There are insects that are actually called water bugs. However most of the time Water Bug is simply a common name for a couple diferent types of Roaches, such as the Smoky Brown Cockroach and the American Cockroach. The most common one I see in homes around Raleigh and Fayetteville is the Smokey Brown Roach (pictured above). It is almost impossible to completely get rid of these insects, to the point you will never see them. What you can do is reduce the population to an acceptable level and keep them out of your home.
Pest Control companies have controlled these insects for years, so it really is pretty easy for us to keep them under control with a simple quarterly pest control program. There are also things that a homeowner can do themselves to keep these pests under control.
  1. These Roaches typically feed on decaying organic material, or plant material. They are also scavengers so they will eat almost anything. A common sense approach of removing dead leaves and mulch from around the home and also keeping garbage cans away from moist areas can be a big help.
  2. There is alot of advice about sealing up all entry points in your home but to be honest that is not realistic at all. The odds are you will only be able to find about 30% or so of possible entry points. It is a good idea though to seal what you can.
  3. I see these insects in crawl spaces all the time. Usually up near the floor along the perimeter of the structure. For a pest control program to be successful I would highly suggest using a product in the crawl space such as Delta Dust. (Follow all label instructions)
  4. A product such as a residual pesticide or granuals should be used on the outside perimeter of the structure, and other possible problem areas.
Keeping these insects under control is mostly about being consistent, make your home a less appealing environment for them and keep it that way. ** note ** many urban areas such as fayetteville, Raleigh and Durham have significant Roach problems in the sewer systems. If these roaches continue to be a major problem call a professional or contact the city to see about possibly getting the man holes in your area treated.

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