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3 questions to ask when hiring a Termite company in Fayetteville,N.C.

     Fayetteville, N.C. is in the middle of swarm season right now. We are finding termite swarmers in many homes and businesses. When you get your home treated for termites it can be very expensive and there are over 40 pest control companies operating in the fayetteville area, choosing the right pest control company is easy if you know what to ask.

   Most of the time when customers find out they have termites, panic strikes and they think their home must be treated immediately. The truth is you do have a little time your home is not gonna fall down tomorrow, it is however something that should be one of your top priorities.

    I suggest getting more than one opinion and estimate. Most companies will give you a free estimate and don’t worry about offending anyone by telling them you want to get more prices. If they are a reputable company they will understand and will not try to pressure you into signing a contract you may not be ready to sign. When you get ready to choose a pest control company here are a few good questions to ask.

  • Are they licensed and insured? Believe it or not we run into exterminators who treat homes without a license from time to time. You have definitely GOT to stay away from these guys. You may save a little bit of money but why risk it when dealing with termites.
  • How long has the company been in business? This is another important question. The termite business is tough,  termite  companies are started in NC all the time and not all of them succeed in business. A good solid termite contract is a commitment, you want a company that will be around years down the road if a problem occurs.
  • The most important question is, Does your contract have a damage warranty?  This is the biggest factor in what makes a termite contract worth the money. The difference is huge, If your termite contract does NOT cover damage then you can find yourself paying for thousands of dollars worth of termite damage and even though you paid your yearly fee to keep your termite contract current. The termite company will only be responsible for spot treating the area where termites are active. 

  So get more than one estimate, and if you live in the Fayetteville, N.C. area put AAA Exterminating Co on your list. We do offer free estimates and here is our answers to those questions.

  • AAA Exterminating Co. is licensed and we carry very high levels of insurance because we work on Ft. Bragg from time to time. We also have an A+ rating with the BBB and we are members of the National Pest Management Association.
  • AAA Exterminating Co. has been in business since 1973.
  • AAA Exterminating Co. has always offered a damage warranty with our termite contracts.

For a FREE estimate call us at (910) 425-6210 or fill out a form on our website.

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