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Should a homeowner get a pest control treatment for Ladybugs?

ladybugs, Lady bugs, pest control for ladybugs Every Spring we get calls from homeowners who see Ladybugs in their home. Usually you will see Ladybugs around window sills because they are attracted to light. Sometimes these infestations can very troubling because you may see hundreds of Ladybugs. Sometimes the first instinct of a homeowner is to get their homes sprayed down with pesticides inside and out. Pest control services in the Raleigh and Fayetteville areas are important and can help protect your home from many destructive and disease carrying pests. However, the Ladybug is not harmful to us in anyway. It will not damage your home and it does not carry disease. Before lady bugs are sprayed with pesticides here are a few things you may want to consider.
  • Ladybugs are actually very beneficial: They feed on ornamental pests such as Aphids. Some farmers use Ladybugs as a natural way of protecting crops and they are very effective.
  • Why are they in the house?: Ladybugs do not infest the inside of structures, usually they only show up inside during the fall as they look for a place to over winter or in the spring as they emerge.
  • Will they damage my home and are they dangerous?: No, Ladybugs will not damage your home other than to possibly leave behind a yellow stain on the wall if they are startled. (The yellow stain is actually a small amount of their blood that has a fowl odor. They excrete this as a defense mechanism). Lady bugs are not disease carriers and they are not poisonous.
  • How can I get them out of my home?: I would not suggest using pesticides in your home to get rid of the ladybugs. One reason is they will be gone or dead very soon anyway and the pesticide will not make much difference. My suggestion would be to simply vacuum the ladybugs and then tape up the bag and throw them away or release them outside. To reduce the overall population so that you have less of a problem next year I would suggest controlling the Aphids that are probably feeding on your bushes outside.
If you have any questions about ladybugs or any other pest conerns feel free to call us or fill out a web form at anytime.