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Hard time getting rid of ants in your home?

Ants under house, ants getting into house from crawl space
Ordinarily ants get into your home from outside, you may even see ant trails on the siding or foundation of your home. When this is the case a simple outside perimeter spray will usually do the trick and in most cases keep your home ant free. However, every now and then we will come across a tough case where ants can have satellite colonies hidden within the structure and persist even after being cut off from the main colony. Non-repellent pesticides such as termidor will usually do the trick but not always. When ants seem impossible to stop you need a thorough inspection by a professional to determine the source. Often times discovering this will also uncover problems you may not have known you had such as a leak that if gone unchecked could cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. Once the source is determined the problem can be corrected. Bait or dust is sometimes the best way for us to control ants in these areas but stopping the moisture source and fixing any damage in the area is key to long term control. Routine pest control is not always enough. Paying close attention to the overall conditions of the property and correcting conducive conditions is key to maintaining a pest free home.