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Fire ants will be a major problem this year

Fire ants Raleigh NC, Fire ant getting in home  Fire ants are a major problem in Raleigh and Fayetteville North Carolina. If you haven’t seen fire ants in your yard yet there is a very good chance that you will. Initially you will usually notice the mounds they create. These fire ant mounds are usually bigger than the mounds created by other types of ants. If you notice them in your yard you should not mess with it Fire ants are extremely aggressive and their stings hurt very much.
Fire ants have a tendency to construct the mounds under partial cover such as:
  • along the edge of drive ways and side walks
  • along landscape timbers or tree stumps
  • around play ground equipment
  • next to mail boxes
  As the weather begins to get warmer Fire ant infestations will become more and more aggressive in our area. So, periodically walk around your property and look for these mounds because every year countless numbers of children and pets get attacked by fire ants.     If you attempt your own fire ant pest control I would advise using extreme caution. Your best bet would probably be to use a fire ant granular bait and follow the label instructions carefully. Most of the time you should not disturb the mound when controlling fire ants even with the products we use we do not attempt to disturb the mound. Not because we are scared of them but because fire ant pest control works better when the fire ants are simply allowed to go about their business so that the products can be spread through out the mound. We can eliminate fire ants from your property for the entire season Click Here for more info.