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Termite treatment cost too high?

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I have been in the pest control business since I was a kid. My grandfather started our company in 1973 and my father spent most of his life building the business. In the 20 plus years of my career I have seen major shifts in termite treatment costs. When I first got into the pest control business the average cost of a termite treatment was around $300. Now some of the prices I see go into the thousands and are way out of line and completely unaffordable for the average home owner, especially during tough economic times.

The cost of a termite treatment might seem high but if you know what really goes into a termite treatment it might be understandable. In order to properly treat a home for termites, a pest control company has to follow label directions of what ever product they use and also follow state regulations. Most of the termite treatment products on the market today are very expensive, along with the costs of actually running a pest control business all add to the cost of a termite treatment.

   Recent innovations and label changes have reduced termite treatment cost

The most significant change has come from the industry leading termite treatment product “Termidor“. Termidor has given pest control companies a tool that is both extremely effective and less labor intensive. Termidors perimeter plus treatment is in my opinion that absolute best option on the market today for treating termites at a reasonable cost. The efficacy data made available from termidor has shown that even with the reduced amount of trenching, drilling and material the treatment method will achieve 100% control of termites in 3 months or less.

    so here are a few tips to reduce your termite treatment cost

  • Ask for a product that allows for a perimeter treatment with limited interior treatment on the label. The 2 most popular are Termidor and Premise.
  • Shop around, get more than one estimate. Most pest control companies will give you a free estimate to determine the cost of a termite treatment at your home.
  • Stay away from the big national companies. These companies have big names but most of the time you will be dealing with a salesman and not an experienced termite expert. The termite treatment cost from these companies can be thousands of dollars, but hey they will finance it for you.
  • Assuming you do not want to finance a termite contract and get yourself locked into possibly dealing with a company you do not want to deal with for years because of the contract. You should call a local company, preferably one with an A plus rating with the BBB, and at least 10-20 years in business.

Most of the time if you follow these steps you will be able to find yourself a better termite treatment, with a better warranty, at a better price. Termite treatment costs do not have to be outrageous. With a little shopping around you can save yourself a bunch of money and have a much better experience in the long run.

If you life in Raleigh NC, Fayetteville NC or any of the surrounding areas we would be glad to give you a free estimate or answer any questions you might have.

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