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Termite Baits Pros and Cons

termite bait station

We get asked all the time by homeowners “What are the round plastic things around my home”. They are often referred to as termite traps. What they really are is termite bait stations. Before I go into the pros and cons of termite bait stations, there is something very important you should know about the termite bait stations you may currently have around your home right now. If these stations have not been serviced by the company who installed them in the past 6 months or so, they are not doing anything what so ever to protect your home from termites. The termite bait stations themselves usually contain no termite bait at all until active termites are found in the wood or cellulose monitoring material. They should be inspected and serviced every 3 to 4 months by a licensed Pest Control company. Once termite activity is found Termite bait is then placed and that is how termite bait stations control termites. So if you have some termite bait stations around your house that have not been monitored in over a year you might as well just throw them away.

So here is a brief run down on some of the Pros and Cons of Termite Baits stations.