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Issues with out of state mortgage companies and the N.C. wdi report

nc wdi report, termite inspection North Carolina is one of only a hand full of states that has it’s own WDI report form that was created and is regulated by the state. So every now and then you will have an issue come up when dealing with out of state mortgage companies, where they will say you have to furnish the npma 33 form. You will often hear them say things like this is a VA, HUD, or FHA loan and they require this form. That statement is true in most cases, but in North Carolina it is not the case and the underwriter may not be aware of that fact. In North Carolina the only form that can be issued is the wdi-100. This form was created by the N.C. dept. of agriculture and it is strictly regulated by the structural pet control division. Pest control companies in N.C. are not allowed to issue the npma-33 form, it is even against the law for us to issue this form as an attachment to the wdi-100. If you run into this problem don’t worry I will give you the information you need to get it handled properly. If you encounter this you may need to speak directly to the underwriter and furnish them with this information.

V.A. Termite Inspections in North Carolina

VA termite inspection, WDI report
We get asked about V.A. termite inspections all the time. Since our home office is located in Fayetteville, N.C. this is probably no surprise. Fayetteville is adjacent to Ft. Bragg so the majority of reports we issue are for VA loans. So I thought I would put this post up to help someone out if they were looking for info regarding the termite inspection they need before buying a home, with VA financing.