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ants with wings, termites swarmers or ant wings Ants with wings becomes a big issue in the pest control business around early spring. We get calls all the time from home owners concerned because they came home and found a large amount of ants with wings near a door or a window. Usually they will be dead or you might only see the wings left behind by the ants. This may not seem like a big deal maybe you just spray some bug spray on the ants and sweep up the wings. The problem with doing this is they may not be ants with wings at all. They might be termites. Above is an illustration of a termite swarmer and an ant with wings.
  • As you can tell the ant’s wings are 2 different sizes and the termite swarmer’s wings are the same size. So if all you find is wings and they are all the same size it could be termites and you should call a professional.
  • If you are able to get a look at the actual insect, look closely at it’s mid section. If it is just an ant with wings it will have a very narrow midsection and if it is a termite swarmer it will have a mid section as wide as the rest of it’s body.
If you have a hard time identifying the insect we will do it for you for free. Just take a picture of it and email it to us at aaaexterminating@gmail.com. We will tell you if it is ants with wings or termites and give you some good advice on how to proceed. You can also reach us by filling out a form on our website and we will help you in anyway we can.