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Pest Control related issues in some of Raleigh’s older homes

   Yesterday I did a termite inspection on a home in the raleigh area that was over 80 years old. Homes this old are not unusual in the Raleigh area but at the same time they are not your typical termite inspections either. One of the first things I think of when I go to inspect one of these homes, besides how beautiful and unique many of them are, is that the range of wood destroying insect evidence I am likely to see increases. This particular house had a few issues. I found active termites in a couple diferent areas, the moisture level in the crawlspace was high and I found active Powder beetles in several floor joists. Powder post beetles can infest newer homes also, but I see them alot more often in older homes.

   Most people today are familiar with termites and the signs of a termite infestation because they are the most widely know wood destroying insect in our area and rightfully so because they are by far the most destructive. Powder Post beetles however are far less talked about. Here is a description of what I saw, so that you will be able to recognize Powder Post beetle damage in your own home.

  1. When inspecting a home for Powder Post Beetles, the main area you should inspect is the crawl space or basement.
  2. Unlike termites you are not really looking at the foundation walls for tunnels, instead you need to pay close attention to the floor joists, or other wooden members of the floor system.
  3. Powder Post Beetle damage looks almost like a shot gun was fired at the floor joists. the adult beetle emerges from the wood, creating a small round hole about 1/32-1/16 of an inch in diameter. 
  4. It is pretty rare to actually see the beetles, so the only way we are typically able to determine activity is to examine the holes for fresh frass. (a powdery sawdust that can be seen around the holes.) if we don’t see this we have to assume it is a previous infestation.

   If you would like the help of a professional in determining whether or not you have a wood destroying insect infestation Call us or fill out a form on our website and we will send a pest control professional to your home for a free consultation.

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