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Are new homes protected from termites?

Raleigh termite treament

When a home is built in Raleigh, N.C. or the surrounding area, the builder is required to have it treated for termites by a licensed pest control company. These treatments are commonly referred to as termite pre-treats. There are several methods used by Raleigh based termite companies to provide this service.

  1. Liquid soil treatments: These termite treatments involve the use of a liquid termiticide to treat the soil around the home’s foundation. If this method was used depending on the product your home should be reasonably protected for around 10 years. However! it is important to note that with all methods there can be unexpected instances of termite infestation. We highly recommend keeping the termite contract current on your home and if it is not under contract at the very least have it inspected once per year by a licensed Pest Control Professional.
  2. Termite bait stations: This method of termite protection involves the placement of (usually round plastic) termite bait stations around your home typically within a couple feet of the foundation wall. With this method your home actually has no protection from termites what so ever, unless these stations are monitored. If you have bait stations and have not had a termite company monitoring them then you are not protected. We recommend you start shopping around for a termite contract ASAP.
  3. Wood treatments: Wood treatments involve the use of chemicals applied directly to the wood members of your home that are in close proximity to the foundation and piers. This can be an effective treatment method but we recommend additional treatment such as baits or soil treatments to go along with this when possible.

Our advice to new home owners is to find out from your builder how your home was pre-treated and what company performed the treatment. Contact the termite company so they have your updated information and find out what is required to keep your home protected.