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Q: Should I be worried about seeing termite swarmers

Raleigh termite swarmers

A: Termite swarmers are a sign of a mature termite colony. These colonies are extremely common in the Raleigh and Fayetteville areas. Termite swarmers are the new reproductive members of the colony who’s job is to fly out, pair up and create new colonies. This is probably the only time most people notice termites, so when this happens Pest Control companies usually get a lot of calls from scared home owners. If you see termite swarmers it is very important to call a professional, so that they can find out where they may have come from and also perform a thorough inspection of the home. There are a few things to consider if it is confirmed that what you have seen is Termites.
  1. Just because you see termite swarmers on your property doesn’t mean your home has a termite infestation. For example if you see termite swarmers outside, it is possible they have come from a neighbors house or a natural source somewhere close by such as a tree stump, wood pile or a dead tree.
  2. However If you see termite swarmers inside the house, usually on a window sill or near a door this is an indication of an active termite infestation and should be treated.
  3. If you have termites it doesn’t mean you have to get a termite treatment today. I would advise getting it done as soon as possible but you have time to shop around for the termite protection plan you are most comfortable with. Most companies will give you a free estimate.
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