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Tips for controlling mosquitoes around your home

mosquito Raleigh Fayetteville Mosquitoes are one of the biggest nuisances to homeowners in Raleigh, Cary, Garner and Fayetteville. AAA Exterminating Co. Has a program for mosquitoes if you would rather have a pro handle the problem. Here are some free tips that will help you reduce mosquitoes around your home.
  1. WATER!! The number one thing you can do as a homeowner is walk around your property and search for areas of standing water. Empty out bird baths, spare tires (tire swings), or anything that holds water outside. Also clean out gutters, drip pans for potted plants, and keep lids of trash cans secure. Be very careful with potted plants inside the home, they can create a larval habitat for mosquitoes.
  2. Trees and shrubs: dense vegetation around the property creates areas for mosquitoes to hide from the hot sun. You will see them around trees and shrubs very often during the day. Reducing overgrown vegetation on the property is very helpful. We will typically spray these areas with bifenthrin as part of our control program.
  3. changing your lights outside to yellow bug lights and using curtains inside the home that will block the light shinning through your windows will also be helpful because mosquitoes are attracted to light but not to yellow bug lights.
There are other considerations and products that can be used when controlling mosquitoes but I thought these few tips would be helpful for homeowners trying to control this problem themselves. If it gets to bad this year give us a call or visit our site and fill out a form for a free consultation.

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